Iso Fit™

Patent Pending

Iso Fit™ (Isometric Helmet Fit System): New helmet fitting technology exclusively available for OEM helmet brands, powered by the BOA® Closure System.

Iso Fit™

Circumferential tension methods of today’s typical helmets distribute the majority of the pressure points to the forehead and upper neck areas, which can become uncomfortable after a period of time. The Iso Fit™ BOA® system is the balanced approach to helmet fit by providing equal, hemispherical micro-tensioning around the entire head resulting in a one-of-a-kind custom fit.

The Iso Fit™ BOA® system cinches the helmet down and around the head evenly, allowing the helmet to stay equally centered on the head while conforming to any head-shape. The overall experience is an uncompromising level or comfort, fit and stability.

Available for: Military, Law Enforcement, Cycle and Snow helmet designs

Iso Fit™ Iso Fit™ Iso Fit™

Iso Fit™ is a trademark of Helmetcomp, Inc.