Helmet Comp

Helmet Component Technologies That Revolutionize


Innovation is a team sport that requires the right people, vision, collective knowledge, shared ideas, resources and passion to improve product performance.

Helmet Comp is a component brand company committed to helping helmet brands innovate through the power of collaboration and new technology.

Brand   Partners

Be at the forefront of helmet innovation


Utilize our invested R&D and technologies to improve helmet performance and end user experience.


Developed component technologies that streamlines the helmet design integration process.


Accelerate new and proven technologies to a marketable phase faster.

Since 2012, we’ve helped helmet brands from various industries improve helmet designs:

The Helmet Comp team has 50+ combined years of helmet design, development and manufacturing experience.

We have a passion for improving helmet technology and a strong connection within the helmet industry, which has allowed our team to develop specific technologies that improves many aspects of helmet design and performance.

Our technologies are lab and field tested and ready for market use. We build and maintain deep relationships with our brand partners and support every step of the design process, from early development stages to manufacturing, to market release and continued co-branding support.

The Process

 Advanced component technology, customized for helmet brand designs.

Here’s how the process works:

Phase 1.

-Exploratory Research & Consultation
-Industrial Design
-CAD Development
-Industrial Design Prototype Testing

Phase 2.

-Manufacturing Engineering
-COGS Estimates
-CAD Refinements
-Engineered Prototype Testing

Phase 3.

-Manufacturing Quote/CM Sourcing
-DFM Part & Assembly Modifications
-T1 Product Review, Approval, Production Ramp-Up
-Production & Market Launch

Our Technologies